VITA is Gold!

First Vita Plus welcomes 2014 with an innovation unlike any other! For the very first time, your favorite miracle undergoes a change that will surely make it another phenomenal hit.

First Vita Plus Natural Health Drinks in Dalandan, Melon, and Guyabano are now three times more potent with a power-packed combination of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and micronutrients that will make you healthier and better protected against sickness and disease.

This is our way of thanking you for your continued support and patronage of the Philippines’ no. 1 MLM health drink and it is in response to your growing health needs. As in the past, we just want to care for you the best way we can that is why we keep bringing you what ONLY First Vita Plus can give. Protection and prosperity. Strength and success. Good health and financial freedom.

We are making the impossible happen by making the great even greater!

Our 12th anniversary is another milestone that you are not likely forget and I want this edition of Vitalife to give you a preview of what the year has in store for all our global dealers.

A new breakthrough line of products in First Vita Plus GOLD.

A new generation of power dealers in Ka-VITAAN. The recent launch of Ka-VITAAN is a testimony of how serious we are to give the youth a chance. I want our young to aspire, achieve and ascend to the top! I want our youngest dealers to accomplish their biggest dreams. With my daughter Patita leading the way, I guarantee a team unlike any other: passionate, progressive and pro-active!

A brand new 2014 Lexus IS350 Sports Sedan raffled off in the biggest of celebrations at the SM MOA Arena. This is of course a preview of what you should expect in the coming year. Prizes that will continue to amaze you. Surprises that will just keep on coming and miracles that will lead you to more doors of financial success!

Keep the faith, my beloved First Vita Plus dealers, and together, let’s go for gold!

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