There are two (2) types of First Vita Plus Dealerships specifically structured and viably designed for you in order to be an effective and efficient dealer.


As a FIRST VITA PLUS DEALER, you can EARN through:

  1. RETAIL PROFIT. Based on a 25% DISCOUNT on PURCHASES and REPEAT ORDERS of all First Vita Plus products.

  2. ONLINE STORE. Set up your own Online Store for First Vita Plus products and EARN a net of 25% on all products sold through your Online Store. No inventory required.

  3. SALES COMMISSION. For every Direct Sales of a First Vita Plus Power Pack.

  4. SALES OVERRIDE COMMISSION. For every First Vita Plus Power Pack sold by Dealers you sponsored directly.

  5. REBATES. Residual Income earned through the 3-Level Rebate System of 3% (1st level), 2% (2nd level), and 1% (3rd level) from the repeat orders and/or sales of First Vita Plus products sold by Dealers in your sales group.

  6. REV-UP REBATES. An additional rebate incentive scheme, totaling 9%, generated from First Vita Plus product sales from Dealers, maximum 8-levels down, in your Sales Group.

  7. GROUP SALES OVERRIDE COMMISSION. Commissions earned through Sales Matches made by sponsoring new Dealers in your Sales Group A and new Dealers in your Sales Group B.

*Attending a Business Development Forum is recommended for a more detailed discussion on the First Vita Plus Marketing Plan. See Seminar Schedules page.

Kindly browse thru these sections to learn more about how to become a First Vita Plus Local and/or International Dealer.