Educated in the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University, Mr. Tumpalan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Major in Business Management. He possesses a unique mix of expertise in the fields of operations, business management, and information technology, which he has acquired over the years from his connections with various local and foreign companies. He gained extensive knowledge and experience in operations, specifically in freight forwarding, warehousing and shipping, by being the General Manager of LBC International for five (5) years.

Mr. Soc Tumpalan's business management skills particularly in the areas of product planning and control, specializing in footwear and apparel, were gained through hard work, experience and formal training abroad. He has noteworthy skills in information technology, especially in strategic IT.


Rhodora Tactacan-Tumpalan, more popularly known as Doyee, is a woman whose entrepreneurial accomplishments span years in manufacturing, retail & direct marketing, and multi-level marketing.

She assumed the helm of their family owned business, the D. Tactacan Shoe Factory at the age of 19, and from then on, set to change the creative direction of the company as its General Manager. Doyee trained abroad under the Italian masters and brought back to the Philippines global innovations in technology.

In 2002, she, together with husband Soc, put up their own company, First Quadrant Philippines, Inc. (FQPI). Hailed as the country’s first all Filipino multi-level marketing company, FQPI’s main objective was to resuscitate the struggling Marikina Shoe industry by selling high quality locally made shoes and that was exactly what she accomplished by selling more than 2 million pairs to close to 1 million dealers worldwide.

In 2005, Doyee once again set out to surpass her own achievements by setting up another trendsetter in multi-level marketing, First Vita Plus Marketing Corporation. With First Vita Plus dalandan as her pioneer product, Doyee’s objective was to promote all Filipino herbs and to come up with highly innovative products that have never before seen in the nutraceutical and herbal markets. Through the help of researchers and scientists, First Vita Plus became the Philippines’ first ever vitamin in a drink that combines for the very first time five power herbs. (Please refer to our product section for a more detailed description of our products and their benefits.) Since then, Doyee’s business has grown to include a variety of other herbal products, that fall under Herbal Blessings, a beauty line that boasts of the finest and purest plant and fruit extracts.

Doyee Tumpalan has carved a solid name in direct and multi level marketing because of the ability to transform her vision into business ideas that are creative and unique. Her dealers are consistently growing in number and her line of products getting better, and reaching out to more Filipinos who want to make a difference just like her.