The shopper is given a thirty-day window from receipt of delivery, within which to return the product for any of the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect item shipped
  2. Items have manufacturing defects and/or damaged (upon delivery)
Except in case of no.2, all items for return should be in its original packaging and unopened. FVP Marketing reserves the right to reject returns if there are visible marks of tampering with the item for return.

Upon acceptance of the returned item, the shopper shall be reimbursed of the price of the returned item/s less the Return Handling Fee, shipping costs and applicable taxes, which expenses shall be automatically deducted from the shopper’s refund, unless the return is a result of FVP Marketing's error in complying with the order - in which case, the shopper shall be granted a full refund of the payment made. In all cases, the refund shall be given to the shopper either in cash, or directly to the shopper’s credit card or deposit account, depending on the method of payment used by the shopper to pay for the item.

If the shopper returns only 1 item from a multi-item shipment, and FVP Marketing is liable to pay the return shipping costs, the shopper shall be entitled to be reimbursed only for the shipping fee for the item returned.

Return Exclusions

FVP Marketing shall reject returns in the following cases:
  1. Damages due to misuse, abuse or negligence on the part of the customer.
  2. Change of mind or second thoughts about the purchase.
  3. Request for return was made after the lapse of the thirty-day window from receipt of shipment;
  4. Other similar causes.

As a general rule, FVP Marketing will not service any warranty claims. Product warranties or guarantees are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer or vendor and not FVP Marketing. FVP Marketing however can facilitate the reverse logistics for claims not accepted locally. The customer though will have to shoulder the shipping costs.

It is the customer's responsibility to determine if the warranty program for any product purchased using will be honored where they reside. By using, the shopper acknowledges that some warranty programs are valid only in the jurisdiction where the merchant resides.

Product Notices and Recalls

The customer's mailing address will not be disclosed to merchants by FVP Marketing at the time a product is purchased on their behalf. It will be the customer's sole responsibility to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the merchants and product manufacturers are able to provide them with notices or with recall information that may be issued in respect to products that are purchased using

Cancellation Policy

The shopper can cancel a transaction that is in "open" status. However, once the status is "in process", it means that an item within the order has been purchased -- the transaction can no longer be cancelled. FVP Marketing shall treat the cancellation request as a return.

Likewise, if the merchant has already processed your order, FVP Marketing shall treat the request for cancellation as a request to return the item. In the case of a return, FVP Marketing will have to charge a Return Handling Fee, plus applicable taxes and shipping costs if applicable.

As a matter of policy, once a shopping cart has been submitted and confirmed or a quotation accepted, FVP Marketing begins the procurement process. The shopper is therefore encouraged to review all orders carefully before submission or acceptance.

To cancel an order, contact us at FVP Marketing.