First Vita Plus continues to evolve and now, we are welcoming a new generation of believers – power dealers who are blessed with the passion and exuberance to make the impossible happen.

The time of the Ka-VITAan is now. They are creating waves and inspiring young Filipinos to aspire, believe and achieve!

As First Vita Plus celebrates its 12th year, there are many things that are definitely worth looking forward to. The emergence of the Ka-VITAan is one of them. It is amazing to see such passion and dedication from students and young professionals who are very active and equally committed to spread the vision of First Vita Plus.


Some of them are doing the business on the side because they are still in school but their energy is just amazing! I’ve met a number of them who spend their days in school and their nights doing talks, attending seminars and product demonstrations. What is even more admirable is their focus. When you talk to them, you can see the fire in their eyes, the determination to change their lives and to fulfill their dreams. Yes, they are very dream-driven. Whether it’s to own a brand new car or the latest gadget, you will see them working extremely hard for the things they aspire for. It is rare to see such drive in kids these days but you will definitely find a lot of them in within the First Vita Plus family of dealers.

The best part of it is that it’s not just about making money. Ask them why they are in the business and they will immediately say, it is because we want to be independent. We want to give back to our parents what they have so generously given us all these years. We want to experience financial independence and depend on ourselves for the little things that we need. Why ask if we can earn the money ourselves?

Ka-VITAan is more than just a label or a team name. To me, it symbolizes the growing empowerment among our youth. It reflects the new sense of responsibility among the young. Not only do they know how difficult life is, they are willing to do their share in changing their destiny. They are pushing themselves forward and doing what others can only dream of.


They live by one principle and that is The Power of NOW. Why wait if you can change your life for the better now? Why keep dreaming if you can make your life a reality. A profitable and productive reality.

To be young is be given countless opportunities to change your life for the better.

Youth is a gift, a privilege that should never be wasted. Youth is an opportunity, that one should take advantage of. Youth is a responsibility that should be taken seriously.

First Vita Plus’ Ka-VITAan gives Filipinos the hope that it is never too early to make a difference. If we welcomed the unemployed, the underemployed and the unemployable, and saw their dreams turn into realities, then it is exactly for the same reason that we are reaching out to the youth, asking them to be part of the First Vita Plus movement. Yes, a movement to change the mindset of today’s young and to open their eyes to one amazing reality: you are never too young to make your dreams come true. You have the power of now. Dream it, seize it, live it!


I started managing our family’s shoe business when I was 19 years old. It was a challenge that “normal” teenagers wouldn’t even think of accepting because I had to run a multi-million peso business and take care of a workforce composed of people much older than I was.

But I did it. My age was never a deterrent and I was not discouraged by the many problems that came my way. Why? Because I was armed with the optimism of my youth and with the determination that only comes from wanting to fast track my dreams regardless of the many trials that I had to hurdle.

The same principle guides me now as I mentor First Vita Plus Ka-VITAan. I want them to feel that no challenge is ever insurmountable, that no trial can and should bring them down. I want them to realize that youth is never a liability but an advantage that should be maximized. I want them to be emboldened, to reach far higher that their grasp and to dream bigger than what is written in their diplomas.

As a mother, I value education. But what is even more important is that I want my children to know that there is life outside the four walls of their classrooms. What they learn in school is an integral stepping stone into their future but at some point, they must take a leap of faith into the unknown, into where their true passions lie. I do not gauge my children’s successes on their grades but on the learning that they acquire, and on the values that are instilled in them.

Same is true with my Ka-VITAan. I want them to learn about financial independence. Financial independence is not merely making money; it is in knowing what to do with the money that you have earned. It is acting responsibly and prioritizing one’s expenses. It is spending wisely and keeping prudently. Financial independence is giving back to our parents, because life is never easy for a parent whose one and only concern is to give his child the best education and comfort there is. To be financially independent is to be financially responsible and to be financially responsible is to achieve financial freedom.

Financial freedom is a gift that only comes from hard work. It is the result of hard work, of doing one’s best regardless of the odds. Financial freedom is a journey, filled with many hardships and eventually, amazing rewards.

I want the Ka-VITAan of First Vita Plus to experience a different kind of financial freedom. A new brand of financial freedom that can only come from the unique gifts that the youth possess. What exactly do I mean? The Ka-VITAan’s financial freedom should be founded on three things : gratitude, good attitude and generosity. In simple terms, be thankful for what you have. For the many doors that your parents opened to make sure that your future will be filled with many chances to succeed. Be humble. Be of good spirit. Have the right attitude. First Vita Plus is not a business, it is a way of life. It is doing the business right and treating those around you even better. It is respecting your leaders and following the great example that they have shown you. It is learning about integrity, loyalty and sweat equity the hard way. Be generous. Remember that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. They are inseparable. You cannot receive without knowing the value of giving. You will not succeed without learning the importance of giving truly and sincerely from the heart.


First Vita Plus is a community of dealers, leaders, idols and icons who have shown close to 2 million people worldwide that the path to prosperity is possible. This message is resonating to a global community of Filipinos and foreigners who now realize the power and potential of our power product.

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

The Ka-VITAan is given every opportunity to learn, so I want them to embrace the wisdom and experience of their mentors with passion. Learn well. Learn with humility. Learn every single lesson that you can. If you want to be the youngest First Vita Plus multi-millionaire, then learn from the best. Learn from those who have done it, who are living it! Don’t be afraid to ask because we are always here to listen and to give advice. First Vita Plus is a family. A family that sticks together and succeeds together!

Live your beliefs. Do not just say the words. Believe in them. Live them. Walk by them. If you want the secret of success of those who came before you, then this is it. They are passionately dedicated to the product and you will see the values of First Vita Plus alive within them. It is not about the business, it is about the belief in the product, in the people and in the company. This is what binds us. And this is where our strength lies – we live by our core values. We live to succeed!

Love the business and love the people you are blessed to be working with. Each day in First Vita Plus is a blessing, so treat the business the best way you could. Love it with the passion of a believer. Respect it for the incredible gifts that it can give you. Value it for changing your life for the best, forever.


First Vita Plus has been standing solid, stable and secure for the last 12 years because we have firmly adhered to the values that we strongly believe in. Honesty, integrity, compassion, generosity, humility. Power and passion. Commitment and compassion. Financial freedom, financial success and financial fulfillment.

May the Ka-VITAan of First Vita Plus proudly carry our name. You represent the hope of tomorrow’s generation and you are the symbol of youth empowerment at its greatest!

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