ThA multi-functional, body powder formulated with nature's finest ingredients. Contains MORINGA OIL that helps purify and detoxify skin; TEA TREE OIL, an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient to aid in the prevention and treatment of skin problems; EUCALYPTUS OIL, helps to relieve sore muscles, heal chapped skin and control dandruff.

Experience an ICE- COOL sensation on your skin!

Usage and Benefits:

  • AFTER BATH – dust body with AMAZING POWDER for a silky, smooth, fresh feeling all over.

  • DEODORANT/ ANTIPERSPIRANT - apply on sweaty areas such as ARMPIT to help control sweating and to kill bacteria causing body odour; also perfect on the back as an anti-perspirant

  • FEMININE HYGIENE - sprinkle inside underwear to keep vaginal area DRY and SMOOTH, helps combat Vaginal & Yeast Infection (Candida Albicans).

  • FOOT POWDER - aids in the treatment of athlete’s foot, toe nail fungus, persistent rash, itchy feeling in between toes, scaling and redness.

  • DIAPER POWDER - helps prevent diaper rash, keeping baby’s skin dry, soft, and smooth.

  • BODY MASSAGE- supports smooth gliding of hands during body massage.

  • INSECT REPELLANT - an effective insect repellant; apply on exposed skin to drive away insects.

  • SKIN TREATMENT - helps provide relief for minor cuts, burns, scrapes, insect bites, and other skin irritations like prickly heat (bungangaraw).
Available in 100g bottle.