First Vita Plus...So Full of Life !

First Vitaplus 100% PURE Coffee, 1 for 5, is perfect for any health-conscious coffee lover! It’s convenient, it’s quick, and easy on the pocket. One sachet makes five delicious, aroma-filled power-packed cups of coffee!

From selected leaves of moringa, corchorus, capsicum, amaranthus and ipomoea, packed to meet your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants andimmunity enhancing phytochemicals. Guaranteed to provide the extra energy boost, protection from stress, and maintenance of wellness, wholeness and well-being.

The healthier alternative for coffee lovers on the go!

Just add hot water enough for 5 delicious cups of power-packed Vitaplus Coffee. Cream and sugar to taste.

Ingredients: 100% PURE instant coffee powder, power herbs (ipomea, moringga, capsicum, amaranthus, corchorus).

Serving Size: 5 servings / 30 sachets per box / 5 gms per sachet